french flower making

Today we learned how to use the french flower making tools. It was quite interesting. Putting the flower together however was a bit frustrating.  My pedals kept falling off because the glue wasn’t holding very well. I also don’t think I really like the way the flower looks. Maybe because it’s too big or maybe I should have made the petals curve outward more. Oh well. I’ll keep doing it until I get it right – and make them smaller. After all, this is what is going on the cocktail hat.

We have a bunch of different projects going on at once. Next week we can continue our flowers and we will also start sculpting a hat with sinamay. Down the road we also will be blocking straw and wool felt hats.

2 thoughts on “french flower making

  1. Hi, I am intrigued by the tool that you used to form your flower petals. It looks like a French flower press tool but seems to be electric. Do ou know where I could buy one of these? Good luck to you at school. (I live outside of Baltimore in Ellicott City).

    1. I have no idea where they came from. The director of the school ordered them online and I never asked. Maybe try to Google it?

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