Nickname: Kiddo

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Status: Going back to school to finish earning my degree in CADD

Hobbies: movies, video games, anime, music, sewing, millinery, drawing, crafting

Favs: Batman, Halloween, the beach, rainy days, summer nights, carnivals, tattoos



I was born into a creative atmosphere. I was drawing since I was very little and started developing serious drawing skills in middle school. I was introduced to digital art and graphic design in high school. There I became interested in web design. Following high school I attended community college to complete a certificate program for web design.

Also during high school in the year of 2001 I was introduced to cosplay. That year my mom taught me to sew and every year after I was attending anime conventions and making costumes for them. I wanted to learn more and be able to create my own patterns to make difficult costumes. That made me search for a fashion school and in 2009 moved to Boston for 3 years.

Due to complications I moved back home to Baltimore. I then decided to go back to school (for the 3rd time!) to finish getting my degree. I love learning new things and have changed my major 3 times. I am currently learning Computer-aided Design and hope to get my degree in this field.

One of my dreams is to one day work with amazing designers and create wonderful things! I am most interested in costume and bridal design. Corsets are my favorite :]


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