Motoko Kusanagi

series: Ghost in the Shell
debuted: Otakon 2006
status: retired


This was a very time consuming costume! I drew all the silver lines and outlines on with silver puffy paint. I had to be very steady and let it completely dry. The costume is made of knit, spandex, and satin fabrics and a few pieces of vinyl trim.

I used real wires on the gloves and headpiece. For the headpiece I took an old pair of headphones and molded craft foam around them. I also used craft foam on the back and on the gloves for the wires to go into.

I bought some black opaque thigh-highs and edited the tops. I used large buttons that I painted to hold the pieces together.

The wig was bought from amphigory and styled by me.

I would really like to re-do this costume and use pleather. But that is just wishfull thinking..




Progress Photos

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