Souffle / Peppita Rossetti

game: Star Ocean 3
debuted: Katsucon 2006
status: retired


This is such a cute costume! and was pretty comfortable to wear and easy to get into and out of too. I used knit fabric for the shirt and gold silk fabric for the trim. I bought the tank top and spandex shorts and sewed the lace trim onto them. I also used knit fabric to make the really long bow.

I made the big bracelets out of nufoam with fabric sewn over it. The big red balls are painted styrofoam balls. For the belts I used old bets and just covered them with fabric and painted the buckles gold.

As for the shoes I took a pair of ankle boots and glued the clay horn I made onto them. I sewed shoe covers and glued them on. Tied a bell around the ankle.

The necklace is made of white pony beads on memory wire. The pendant and red spiral beads are made of clay. I also painted some rings gold but forgot to wear them :[

The wig was bought from amphigory and styled by me. I used Katie Bair’s tutorial for making and adding wefts of hair to the wig.




Progress Photos

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